How to run a successful mobile campaign?

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The art of mobile media buy – programmatic way

Programmatic becomes a norm for media buying now a days. But it become increasingly difficult to get the ROI positive result especially those who are having limited exposure to media buying.

How to run a successful mobile campaign? 

Lets us examine different stages involved a suscessful campaign life cycle

Campaign building stage

For any offer, we typically need three types of  campaigns
A CPA/CPI campaign – to catch the media that allows buying on CPA/CPI (Less supply)
A CPC campaign – to catch most other media that is not available on CPA ( Medium supply)
Build this campaign with a low base CPC price
Have specific bids on segments that work better
A CPM campaign – usually though a programmatic platform such as Bidsopt and  you know exactly how much to pay for each segment. This allows buying the media for lower overall price and allows using generic banners, native, rich media and tags ( Highest supply)Bidsopt will allow you to  buy media through CPC and CPM pricing model

Campaign lifecycle

  • Probing
  • Discovery
  • Optimization
  • Growth


Find out if the traffic source has any potential ( Bidsopt has vast experience in running and optimising different traffic sources and exchanges.)

Buy in very low prices


Find out if the full potential is of as many publishers and media as possible

Increase prices
Buy very wide
Aim for an ROI of 20% for the first 500 conversions, i.e. the budget should be 500 x CPA goal x 5
Run exclusion optimization (remove things that do not work) and use additional 500 conversions to get to 50% ROI


Get to 100% ROI

Run price optimization on all traffic matrices (  Bidsopt support highly advanced optimisation techniques )


Increase the size of the campaign

Run Probing, Discovery and Optimization on additional traffic sources
Identify segments of solid behavior and buy their media in CPM

Optimization best practices

Try to buy as much media as possible on CPM
Refresh the content constantly
(creative and landing pages)
Use specific bids
Use multiple landing pages to A/B test them

Common optimization matrices

Include/Exclude – Publisher/Exchanges and External publisher
Day of week
Channel – CPI campaigns
Browser – CPI campaigns
Device type – CPI campaigns
Make/model – mobile subscription campaigns
Find what IPs are working and target them – mobile subscription campaigns
Region – mobile subscription campaigns
OS version – CPI campaigns