Conversion Postback Integration Document

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Bidsopt support global postback integration through server to server.

Find below the Postback URL<clickid>&bo_aff1=<click1d2>

Where clickid is your placeholder name where we will pass our value  in the landing page url. You need to post back the same to us through the above postback integration. Clickid2 is for external id, which may be blank value sometimes.

Sample Postback Response

Sample Landing page URL

where bo_ck and bo_aff1 are Bidsopt click and external id macro.

Bidsopt do support additional macros to send like pub id, advertiser id, campaign id…where  client can track at their end for their optimisation

Banner Ad Macros

bo_cid === Bidsopt Client ID for App or Website (it is pub id)
bo_advertiser_id === Bidsopt Advertiser ID
bo_campaign_id === Bidsopt Campaign ID
bo_strategy_id === Bidsopt Strategy ID
bo_udid_key === Bidsopt User device identifier collected (it may be ifa or ifa_md5 etc..)
bo_udid_val === Bidsopt User device identifier value
bo_ip === IP Address
bo_mobile_model === Mobile Model
bo_publisher_id === Bidsopt Publisher Identifier
bo_ck ====== Bidsopt Click Identifier

TAG Macros

This will have $ in the front to avoid the repeat of the string like bo_click in the TAGS!

$bo_ck ==== For click tracking at third party TAGs
$bo_cid === Bidsopt Client ID for App or Website (it is pub id)
$bo_cb ====== Bidsopt Cache Buffer
$bo_impression_id === Bidsopt Impression Id
$bo_udid_val  ====== Bidsopt User device identifier value